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If this is the first time that you are going to get a driver’s license in Canada to be able to drive anywhere in Canada you need to take three tests-G1, G2 and G.


# You have to be over 16 years old.
# You need to have an Identification card (health card, a foreign or Canadian passport, permanent residency card or other immigration documents).
# You need to have Funds
# You need a Car (to take road test)

G1 : To get your first license you need to take and pass a written test. To prepare for the test you can read Driver’s handbook for rules and regulations. Once you have gone through this you can appear for the examination at a nearby examination centre near to where you reside. You need to take your ID proof along. Once you have passed the G1 you need to wait for at least 12 months before you can take G2.

The G1 test will cost 10$ but at the examination centre you will b asked to pay 125$:

# $10-First G1 Test
# $75-Five year License
# $40 –First G2 road test.

You can take the test in your preferred language. Contact your local exam centre to check which languages are available. If you want to write the test in your own language there are many community organizations that have translated versions of the driver’s handbook.

G2 : You need to take and pass your G1 road test in order to get your G2. You will be tested on your ability to drive observing all the driving rules and regulations. To book the test you need to have a G1 driver’s license number. This test will cost you $ 40 but if you have already paid $125 for your G1 test then you need not pay anything for the first G2 test.

G: To get your full G license you need to take the G2 road test and have a G2 license number. In this your advanced driving skills will be tested. You can attempt this test 12 months after you have passed the G2 test. The cost of the test is $ 75.

There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed once you have your driver’s license. There are restrictions on the number of people you can have in your car.There also limitations on the level of alcohol you are allowed to have in addition to certain places you can and cannot drive in. Ensure that you are well versed with the full list of rules and regulations and never break them.

Thus, if you are the eligible age and have proof of ID and funds to support your driving tests passing the road tests to get your full driver’s license is very much possible . All you need is patience, alertness, focus and determination and of course choosing the right driving school that will take the pains to teach you the basics and the advanced details of driving expertly and safely.

We are available seven days a week so feel free to call us for more information on 416-676-6786 anytime during the week.

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