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While driving one is prone to many risks. If you focus on defensive driving you can lower the chances of road mishaps. How you drive is well within your control but not how somebody else drives. There are people who will drive ,carelessly , recklessly or speed aggressively. Others will make a sudden turn without signalling or maybe follow you too closely. These driving habits are what make accidents happen for no fault of yours. This is where defensive driving comes in and you can take defensive actions to avoid dangers that are caused by other people’s bad driving. At 1st Canadian Driving School we equip you with the following defensive driving skills:

• KEEPING FOCUSED: We will ensure that you are aware of the road conditions, following directions, checking the mirrors which are just some of the aspects of defensive driving.

• WATCHING OUT FOR THE OTHER DRIVER: We will equip with skills that will help you anticipate what the other driver might do and make adjustments accordingly to reduce your risk.


We will teach you and make you well aware of potential distractions and how to keep focused avoiding them.

• MANAGING SPEED: WE will coach you on how to control and manage speed under different road conditions so that your safety is not at risk.

• AWARENESS: If a person is able to identify earlier about what the situation of traffic is the more time they will have on their hands to analyze the situation. This will help them to make and execute quicker decisions. We will coach you identify the activity on the road ahead on either side and the rear.

So, 1st Canadian Driving School will teach you how to safely manage yourself in full traffic conditions and equip you with skills for defensive driving for a lifetime.

We are available seven days a week so feel free to call us for more information on 416-676-6786 anytime during the week.

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About Us

1st Canadian Driving school is a name that is synonymous with professionalism and expert car driving training. We aim to bring out the very best in our students. It is one of our major aims to promote safe driving practices. With over 30 years of experience in Toronto , our instructors are experts and trained in their niche..... MORE

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