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# I would like to say thank you to 1st Canadian Driving school. Brandon Prakash was successful in passing his driver's test on the first try. Malik you are a great instructor. 1st Canadian driving school thank you for answering my questions whenever I called.....!
Ronika & Navin Prakash - TORONTO

# Thanks again and we highly recommend your driving school to our friends & Family. As I needed to pass my driving License I needed a good driving school but had no idea where to go. I found 1st Canadian Driving School on Google, and they were practising good prices such as Cheap Full- Course cheap In class in car driving.
Call Malik for a quote (416)-676-6786
Jawed Jafferi - TORONTO

# I wanted to give it a try and see how it goes I end up doing 8 hours with them and my instructor. Government approved, reasonable rates, flexible schedules. They do not engage in fear mongering to make you take more classes. They have a large pool of driving instructors. If you can choose, ask for Malik. He is patient and has fail proof techniques for parallel /reverse parking. Those were very useful in my test.

# I’d like to thank Malik from 1st Canadian driving school, for helping me out in preparation for my road test. I learned new things from Malik and your help is very much appreciated Hope we’ll meet again soon. Thank you very much! Spread the word this driving school will get you set.
-Athena Barbs

# I'm I'm Grade12, Malik really helped me out he got my prepared for my G2 license. He was always helpful. He told me more about his driving school and he had a class located at 6979 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, so I attended his classes it helped me out a lot.. Malik is the right person for (Family & Friends)
Call Malik for a quote (416)-676-6786
- Andrew Zerbani

# 1ST Canadian Driving School’s (Toronto GTA ) instructor was very patient with me. He never gave up on me and showed me safe and expert driving skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. All my queries and questions were dealt with promptly and readily leaving no room for doubt. I finally passed my test and got my G drivers license with my instructors help. What’s more? Its great quality at affordable prices. The driving lessons are worth every penny you spend and you get good value for money.
Jeff San Rouque - TORONTO

# I am a student and have a friend who is a student too. We both passed our G2 test the first time and now we are planning to go for the G test and will ofcourse go to 1st Canadian driving School. We know so many other people who have had a fantastic experience with them and some of them had recommended the school to us. Now we will recommend to many other people who are looking for expert and friendly driving lessons from a professional driving school. Thanks 1st Canadian Driving School for all your help and support!

# I am so delighted I got my G driving license with the help of a fantastic instructor from 1st Canadian driving school. I chose this school as this was the most recommended school in Toronto. I had a very good experience with this school . The staff are very friendly and helpful but at the same time very professional where imparting driving instructions are concerned. All my lessons were planned and conducted on time, everytime. The instructor gave me all the knowledge I required to pass the test. He was very patient, knowledgeable and punctual. I passed my test in the very first attempt. Thankyou 1st Canadian Driving School!

# i am in my early forties and never thought I would be able to muster up the courage and confidence to drive. I had earlier taken lessons from two instructors but never got around it. Then I contacted 1st Canadian Driving School. The instructor was very patient, friendly and calm. Whenever I made a mistake he ensured that he repeated the instructions clearly till I got it right. He filled me with confidence I never knew I could have. He helped me focus and learn about my weak areas. Thanks to him when I appeared in my G2 test I passed with flying colors!

# I have recently passed my G2 driving test at my first attempt. I had no prior experience. The 1st Canadian Driving School Instructor was very patient and gave me tailor made driving lessons that addressed my weak areas so that I could improve upon them. He was friendly, highly professional and empathetic at the same time. The service was very personalised indeed. I have no second thoughts about recommending this driving school, to anyone who is looking for affordable and professional driving lessons in the GTA. I can assure you it’s excellent value for your money!

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1st Canadian Driving school is a name that is synonymous with professionalism and expert car driving training. We aim to bring out the very best in our students. It is one of our major aims to promote safe driving practices. With over 30 years of experience in Toronto , our instructors are experts and trained in their niche..... MORE

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