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Winter brings with it the danger of skidding so you must have sufficient training in how to handle your vehicle in all weather conditions. Don't worry 1st Canadian Driving School has expert instructors for Winter Driving training. We provide every important tips for Winter driving so that you can handle any bad weather condition with more confidence. Our personal experience shows that winter accident ratio is more than summer season. 1st Canadian Driving School important tips for Winter Driving are below :

Winter can be very harsh on your vehicle and its engine. You must ensure that your vehicle is all geared up to meet the tough winter. It would be a good idea to get a complete check up done of your vehicle before the onset of winter :

# Be well versed with your vehicles braking and tire traction.

# Defective IGNITION WIRES should be replaced.

# Make sure all LIGHTS work.

# Ensure to get the BATTERY fully charged and replace the weak batteries.

# Ensure that the vehicles BRAKES are able to do even braking.

# Ensure that the EXHAUST SYSTEM is not leaky.

# Make sure that the WINDSHIELD WIPERS are in good condition.

# Use high quality WINTER TIRES that will also help increasing fuel efficiency.

Once the winter has arrived you must:

# Always check out the weather report before heading out

# Be well rested and alert before you get behind the wheel.

# Ensure that your vehicle is in sync with the weather and road conditions.

# Wear warm and comfortable clothing.

Keep your vehicle stocked with:

# Flashlight

# Roadmap

#First aid kit


Be well versed with your vehicles braking and tire traction. In order to avoid skidding slow down be very careful when you break, take a curve or change lanes. Braking with force is something that should really be avoided.

So, driving in the winter may not seem so intimidating after all if you are mindful of a few important things like the ones mentioned above . Be cautious and aware the above mentioned points before the winter approaches, before you head out and ensure that the vehicle is well stocked with the important items that could be required in an hour of emergency or crisis.

We are available seven days a week so feel free to call us for more information on 416-676-6786 anytime during the week.

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